Energy Efficient Building Practices

Home construction and home renovations are the best time to consider how to improve the energy efficiency in your home.

Although constructing a new home or remodeling your current home is exciting, it can also be stressful due to the various decision that you must make. You will need to decide on things such as the design of your home, your heating and cooling system, your appliances, insulation and more. During the planning stage, you should consider the different ways to make your home more energy efficient.

There are experts that can help during this stage to ensure your home is energy efficient. Additionally, the following information can help you during the initial planning stage of your new home construction or remodel.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead ensures that everything goes according to plan and you are able to avoid many of the pitfalls surrounding construction.

Ask for advice. During the design stage, a lighting and energy expert will help you maximize the energy efficiency of a home. The money you spend on this type of expert will net you major savings throughout the lifetime of your home.

Ask those who have built or renovated a home if they have suggestions on how to save money and improve energy efficiency in a home.

Check out magazines for inspiration. Collect ideas in a scrapbook to help keep everything organized. Other places to gather information should include home improvement stores and building advisory stores. Gathering detailed information will help when renovating your home.

Energy Efficient Windows

Ensure that you insulate your windows properly by getting high quality window insulating coverings, DESIGN – a Sydney plantation shutters installer highly recommends getting polymer foam plantation shutters for this very reason.


Have a sustainability assessment of your home completed. This assessment identifies areas of the home where energy efficient practices can provide the greatest savings.

If you have rooms that are cold in the winter and hot in the summer, talk with your builder. He may be able to make modifications to help improve the comfort level of the area. The may include adding another heating and cooling vent, installing a new window or exterior door or adding extra insulation to the ceiling, floors and walls.

There are many simple and affordable renovations that can not only improve the comfort and functionality of the home but can also improve the energy efficiency of the home. Many of these do not require major renovations.

Did you know how you position your home can affect your home’s energy efficiency? When done correctly, you can take advantage of the warmth of the winter sun while minimizing the exposure to the summer heat. This can save you tons on your heating and cooling bills.

When shopping for appliances, purchase only Energy Star energy efficient appliances. These appliances help to minimize utility costs. You can further reduce your energy consumption by placing appliances that use hot water as close to the water heater as possible. This helps reduce heat loss in plumbing pipes.