5 Exciting Solar Technology Videos

The Tesla battery is by far the most exciting product release in the retail market – and not just because of the passion of their charismatic CEO Elon Musk. Here are some things you need to know about the new Tesla battery – the Powerwall.

The Heliac solar foils consist of a series of polymer sheets that are nano-structured and micro with Fresnel lenses. This is yet another technology created on the path to making solar power cheaper than fossil fuels. Check it out!

Another Nanotechnology project in the solar industry. as far as making solar more efficient, smaller and more affordable, many out there in the science community believe that nanotech holds the keys to such advancements. Jonathan Strickland more about how, with more understanding, nanotechnology will reshape the way we make solar panels.

A team of scientists at Michigan University has created a clear surface that is able to collect solar energy, the surface is completely clear and opens up many possibilities for solar design in city spaces.